About Us

AW Chemicals is an emerging enterprise which is 100%BBBEE compliant. We are a proud member of the National Contractors Cleaners Association (NCCA) which is dedicated to developing and setting appropriate standards for the contract cleaning industry. 

Our strength is derived from the fact that we have the capacity to research and develop detergent products. We offer an innovative line of biodegradable (95%), environmentally safe cleaning products. We have a sufficient testing laboratory on-site to ensure consistent quality output of our products and to satisfy the requirements of the industry standards.

Our strength also lies in the company’s vision to commit to the fundamental understanding of our customer’s needs. Our business is guided by three main elements, Customer Needs, Quality of our products and Services we give to customers.

We have a technical team that goes all out to train customer’s and to conduct on-site product demonstration to ensure that sufficient knowledge is passed on to our clients as value adding service.


We strive to provide class detergent products to our clients and render a high level of service to the market we serve.


AW Chemicals is strategy driven, a dynamic enterprise that seeks to research and develop detergent products and continuously capitalize on market inefficiencies and opportunities by providing excellent services.
We provide a vehicle economic advancement of those previously excluded from participating in the mainstream of the South African economy.

  • To provide a reliable and efficient supply of products.
  • To embark on research and development of our products.
  • To manufacture quality products approved and tested by SABS.
  • To develop,train and provide skills to the previously disadvantaged groups.
  • To aggressively lower input costs and to realize greater returns on operating margins.
  • To ensure full commitment to our continuous improvement system and maintain our quality management system.
  • To create opportunities for women to advance management positions.
  • To establish our products as the regional leader in selling biodegradable, environmentally safe cleaning products.
  • To increase the number of retail outlets carrying AW Chemiclas products by 10%.
  • To build a solid working relationship with all stakeholders.
  • To operate whitin the required municipal bi-laws.
  • We conduct our business in a manner displaying the highest level of professionalism, brining credit to the industry, the sector and the company.
  • Focus instensely on excellent service deliviry.
  • We operate ethically with integrity and care for others.
Mutual Respect
  • We, at all times nature a climate of mutual respect and loyalty to the market that we serve.
  • We operate safely and with care for the environment and the community.
Team Work
  • We recognize that we are all part of the team and that no individual can achieve more than by working together.
  • Involvement of qualified, young black professionals will work well for the long-term success of the organization.
  • We encourage innovation, pursue and reward performance excellence.
Surdet Products
  • General Purpose Detergents
  • Cleaners for Households
  • Disinfectants and Sanitizers
  • Floor Carpet Care
  • Industrial Degreasers
  • Car Care Products and Consumables
  • Laundry and Textile Care ProductsToilet Paper
  • Polish Pads
  • Dispensers and Dosing Systems
  • Brooms, Mops and Other Consumables
  • Contract Manufacturing